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Discover the new Fare Guide that will provide you with all the information needed to purchase your tickets and season tickets.


Fare guide 2024

The paper ticket is giving way to rechargeable and sustainable Cards!

Discover the various cards available

“The Card”, anonymous and rechargeable, it allows for purchasing occasional Lignes d’Azur tickets only (Single, Multi-trip, one- or multiple-day Passes). “The Card” will be available in all Lignes d’Azur points of sale: commercial and mobile agencies, ticket machines and resellers. A refundable €2 deposit will be requested for the card. As it is anonymous, THE Card can be used by several travellers, but if it is lost or stolen the tickets brought in advance will be lost.

“My Card”, which is personalized with your name, can be recharged at will and allows for purchasing all your Lignes d’Azur tickets (occasional or season tickets). It is available at a cost of €2 from commercial or mobile agencies or via the website. If it is lost or stolen, Lignes d’Azur will credit the new card with all the tickets brought in advance.

If you have a personal card, this still remains valid.

I plan my trip, and I purchase my ticket BEFORE getting on board.